A website quickly constructed for Minato Japanese School case

We swiftly responded to the client's needs by establishing a website for the upcoming Minato Japanese School. Despite the lack of original data typically required for website construction, the client urgently required a website during the application process. Leveraging the limited available information, the Dignite team efficiently completed the website construction within a single day.

  • Client Minato Japanese School
  • Industry 教育
  • Duration 1天
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The structure of the Minato Japanese School website.

Based on the two documents provided by the client, the school brochure and recruitment information, we have designed a total of five pages including the homepage, school introduction, education and courses, recruitment and admissions, as well as contact information.

 The structure of the Minato Japanese School website.

Responsive Design

Even for a quickly constructed website, it supports responsive design, making it convenient for mobile users to access the website.