NopCommerce self-built e-commerce system is tailored for specific product standards

When considering an e-commerce system, we typically don't recommend self-built e-commerce solutions, as using mainstream platforms like Amazon or Shopify is more convenient and economical. However, in special circumstances, a self-built e-commerce system may be the only option.

For example, if your products cannot be sold on platforms like Amazon or Shopify, but these products may be expensive. In such cases, our technical team will customize an e-commerce system based on NopCommerce for your department.


NopCommerce is a feature-rich, vibrant open-source e-commerce platform

What are some bright spots features?

  • Support for promotion and sales tools
  • Support for multiple languages
  • Support for multiple currencies
  • SEO friendly
  • Vibrant plugin mechanism
  • Rich reporting and analytics functionality

Open-source NopCommerce meets your custom needs

Choosing NopCommerce means uniquely meeting your e-commerce needs, almost all the customization development is a must for NopCommerce customers, from the development of theme features, plugin development, to the development of other systems, all are tailored to your specific requirements.

We NopCommerce development team understand all this well, and we are committed to providing you with high-quality custom development work.

Open-source NopCommerce meets your custom needs

Integrating more third-party payment methods

NopCommerce's market already includes mainstream third-party payments. If you need to integrate a niche third-party payment, our NopCommerce team, with the excellent plugin mechanism of NopCommerce, can customize various third-party payment methods for you.


Integrating more third-party payment methods

Purchase NopCommerce running service servers

When building your own e-commerce system, you need an independent server. We are familiar with mainstream cloud service providers such as AWS, Azure, and Alibaba Cloud, and can provide you with appropriate server configurations at any time.

Not only that, if you need to use some small-scale cloud services, we also intend to provide you with services and introduce you to reliable services that you should choose.

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Purchase NopCommerce running service servers

More NopCommerce services

SSL Certificate

SSL is directly used to improve the ranking of websites in search engines. Search engine crawlers usually prefer secure encrypted websites.

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Server Maintenance

Includes monitoring server security vulnerabilities, backups and data recovery, and responding to network attacks.

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Technical Training

We provide regular operation support, including troubleshooting, performance optimization, system updates, and user training services.

NopCommerce Website SEO

We will conduct keyword research, determine searchable keywords for customers, and optimize these keywords on the NopCommerce website and Shopify websites.

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Product Strategy

From product photography to copywriting, every detail is carefully crafted to attract users to your product pages.

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Product Photography

Professional photographers take static images of products and process images for post-processing to adjust lighting effects, clarity, and color.

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Product Descriptions

Tailored descriptions with persuasive and informative content that increase product sales and customer satisfaction.

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Price Plan of NopCommerce

Standard Plan


Assist you in building a NopCommerce shop and ensure system online operation.

  • System installation and setup
  • UI original design
  • Support for PC, PAD, and smartphones
  • 10-user enterprise email
  • SSL certificate
  • Integration of plugins from the NopCommerce marketplace
  • NopCommerce shop regular SEO
  • Technical support and training

Professional Plan


Complete support plan from department, theme development to server operation.

  • System installation and setup
  • Unified brand positioning UI design
  • Content creativity
  • Support for PC, PAD, and smartphones
  • 50-user enterprise email
  • SSL certificate
  • Integration of plugins from the NopCommerce marketplace
  • NopCommerce shop regular SEO
  • Targeted keyword research SEO
  • Server operation and data backup
  • NopCommerce operation and system update
  • Technical support and training

Custom Development Plan

Pricing based on demand

Customize NopCommerce feature modules according to demand.

  • NopCommerce mobile app development
  • Third-party payment plugin development
  • Data synchronization middleware development
  • Custom data reporting and data analysis functionality
  • Cloud technology support

Frequently Asked Questions

If you've just launched your NopCommerce e-commerce business, I believe that forming your own technical team is completely unnecessary.

Our Dignite Support team will provide NopCommerce maintenance services at a much lower cost to you, including SSL certificate configuration, regular server maintenance, NopCommerce website SEO optimization, product listing, product photography, and product strategy services.

On the NopCommerce platform, from a technical perspective, you can sell any type of product, because you own your server and system, there are no restrictions on the types of products sold due to the self-management of your server and system.

The time to build a NopCommerce system depends on the specific needs of the client.

If you don't need to customize development features, we can deploy a good system within 3 days. However, clients usually choose to customize a template, which may take a maximum of two weeks. If you need to customize third-party payment functions, it may take longer to complete.

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