Our value lies in consulting and support services, not just domain names, corporate emails, or cloud hosts

Our positioning is not just a simple cloud service salesperson; we are your trusted technology partner, providing you with decision consulting services before purchasing cloud services, as well as comprehensive support services after purchasing cloud services.

Whether you are in the early stages of entrepreneurship or business expansion, we will work closely with you and jointly build your enterprise digital transformation journey.


We are your trusted technology partner

Our cloud services

  • Domain registration service
  • Corporate email service
  • Cloud host sales and maintenance service
  • SSL certificate sales and deployment service

Domain Registration

When selecting a domain, we recommend based on your brand image, target audience, and business scope. We consider your industry examples and trends to ensure the chosen domain matches your brand image and gains public recognition.

For example, if you are a Japanese local company, we may recommend choosing a .co.jp domain suffix to increase local market credibility. If you are a Japanese online service provider, we may suggest a .jp suffix for the domain.

Taking into account your brand positioning, target audience, and business specialties, we provide personalized suggestions to help you select a domain name that is both unique and appealing.

Domain Registration

Corporate Email

Corporate email can establish a professional brand image and is an essential tool in corporate communication. We focus on the stability of email service. Each email conveys the voice and image of your company.

If your budget allows, we recommend enterprise email services like Google, Microsoft, etc. They provide reliable and secure email services that have gained widespread recognition. In addition, for some cost-effective options, such as Zoho Mail, LarkSuite Mail, they also offer stable and secure corporate email services.

We will recommend the most suitable email solution based on your company's scale and business needs, ensuring your business runs smoothly.

Corporate Email

Cloud Host

Cloud server options are included in our website design, e-commerce, and other electronic business services, but if you have special requirements and need to occupy a server independently, we will provide you with a dedicated server.

For regular business servers, CPU, memory, disk capacity, and bandwidth allocation are typically considered. We will recommend appropriate server configurations based on your business type and expected load, maximizing the use of your funds.

Cloud Host

SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate is a type of encryption technology. Here we won't delve into its technology. For you, SSL's direct use is to help improve your website's ranking in search engine results, as search engines generally favor secure websites with encrypted connections.

When selecting an SSL certificate, we will recommend based on your requirements and website type. Therefore, we will consider your budget, brand credibility, and required security level to provide various types of SSL certificates, including DV (Domain Validation), OV (Organization Validation), and EV (Extended Validation) certificates.

Through our consultation service, you can get professional advice and choose the most suitable SSL certificate for your business and budget.

SSL Certificate

Price List of Cloud Services



Corporate Email

For most clients, it's highly recommended to use Larksuite corporate email.

Larksuite Corporate EmailSupports domain mailboxes for up to 50 accounts$60/year

Cloud Host

CPUMemorySystem DiskPeak BandwidthTraffic PackagePrice
2 cores (dedicated)8GB120GB SSD30Mbps3.5TB/month$500/year
4 cores (dedicated)8GB180GB SSD35Mbps5TB/month$1000/year
8 cores (dedicated)16GB300GB SSD45Mbps7TB/month$1800/year

SSL Certificate

Domain TypeCertificate TypeCertificate BrandPrice
Individual Certificate (officially recommended for testing)Single DomainDigicert$80/year
OV Certificate (preferred for enterprise SSL certificate)Single DomainGeoTrust$500/year
DV Certificate (generally used for personal websites)Single DomainRapid$180/year
EV Certificate (highest level of code security level, trust level, and authority level)Single DomainGeoTrust$900/year

Frequently Asked Questions

For Japanese businesses, a .co.jp domain may enjoy some regional advantages, but in terms of SEO, there's no clear advantage for either .com or .co.jp domains. In fact, SEO values website user experience and content quality more than just the domain extension. Therefore, regardless of which extension you choose, what matters is providing quality content and a good user experience, which truly enhances a website's search engine ranking factors.

LarkSuite is a comprehensive enterprise office collaboration platform that provides a series of office tools including corporate email, instant messaging, online document editing, calendars, project management, etc. It aims to help companies achieve more efficient team collaboration and communication.

Users can complete daily office tasks on one unified platform, improving team work efficiency and collaboration effectiveness.

Yes, it supports contract upgrade operations (i.e., when the CPU, memory, SSD system disk, bandwidth/peak bandwidth, and monthly traffic of the target contract are all greater than or equal to the current contract). The instance expiration date will not change.

After the upgrade is successful, the current IP address, firewall policy, and keys/key of the instance will not be affected. The instance expiration date will not change.

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