Web design, Content writing, Photography, we offer services that go beyond traditional website development

We are a website production company located in Osaka, Japan. Whether it's web design, SEO, or copywriting, we are capable of handling it all.

We have a deep understanding of all aspects of web design. Whether you need to revamp an existing website or create a brand-new online brand with excellent operations from scratch, our creative and talented team can collaborate with you to create a website that is unique, user-friendly, and performs perfectly on all devices.


Web design company located in Osaka, Japan.

Services included in web design:

  • Website development
  • Shopify template design
  • E-commerce platform store decoration

We adhere to original design and strive to integrate brand DNA into UI.

We are committed to providing each client with a unique web design, tailoring the UI interface to your industry, brand style, and personality traits to create a distinctive website for you.

Our pursuit is not only the aesthetics of UI but also integrating your brand DNA into the UI, conveying your brand image and core values to gain more attention and recognition from users.

We adhere to original design and strive to integrate brand DNA into UI.

Creating websites that are readable

To enhance the readability of website content, in addition to concise and intuitive navigation menus, we adhere to the principle of material authenticity.

Through your real office scenes, production process of the picture material, with simple language and text, we strive to create a sense of sincerity and groundedness of the brand, and establish a real and intimate communication with users. We believe that real material and sincere copy can better attract users' attention!

Creating websites that are readable

We place great importance on website SEO.

Our website development team strictly adheres to SEO standards, meticulously designing the site map to ensure search engines can easily index all pages of the website. We also employ a user-friendly URL structure, making the website links easy to understand, remember, and enhancing search engine rankings.

Regarding website content, we carefully select keywords and optimize page descriptions based on the client's business characteristics and target audience. This helps improve the website's ranking in search engines and attract more valuable traffic.

Understanding SEO
We place great importance on website SEO.

More Web Design services

Supporting Subsites

Our website management system supports subsite technology, allowing for the development of sub-websites tailored to different regions or business domains.

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Multi-language support

Unlock the multilingual power of your website by offering content in different languages based on user location, connecting with global audiences.

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SEO empowered by AI

Despite our extensive experience in the field of SEO, with the support of AI, our SEO efforts will be even more effective!

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Cloud service provider

We offer a variety of cloud service options, including domain registration, corporate email, or even a dedicated server, to meet your various needs.

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Photography Services

We also offer a variety of photography services, covering various areas such as corporate brand promotion, product photography, office scenes, and more.

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Website maintenance

We provide website maintenance services to ensure your website remains in good condition, optimizing website rankings, and ensuring a smooth user experience.

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Price Plan of Web Design

The Chinese Start-up Initiative


Web design services tailored specifically for Chinese start-up businesses, showcasing the value of you and your business.

  • Design of 5 web pages
  • Template page design
  • Support for access on PC, tablet, and mobile devices
  • User message email forwarding function
  • Blog functionality
  • Single-user enterprise email

Standard Plan


The Standard Package aims to provide your business with a comprehensive website design solution.

  • Design for 10 pages
  • Original UI design
  • Support for PC, tablet, and mobile access
  • User message email forwarding functionality
  • Blog functionality
  • Product catalog functionality
  • 10-user enterprise email
  • SSL certificate support for the website
  • Multilingual website support
  • Standard SEO

Professional Plan


We offer a comprehensive package of premium services, ensuring that your website meets professional standards in every aspect.

  • Design of 15 pages
  • UI design tailored to brand positioning
  • Creative content writing
  • Scene photography services
  • Support for PC, tablet, and mobile access
  • User message email forwarding function
  • Blog function
  • Product library supporting multi-parameter queries
  • 50-user enterprise email
  • Website supports SSL certificate
  • Website supports multiple languages
  • Standard SEO
  • Targeted keyword research for SEO
  • Original site migration service

Frequently Asked Questions

Our website design work aims to provide you with a useful website. Visitors can understand your website through our service, understand services, business and product details, and attract diverse audiences through real representations.

We offer several service packages, which introduce the general price range of our website design, but we hope that each customer's website is not only unique in style but also in content structure. In order to achieve this goal, we need to communicate with you multiple times to ensure that the website style, content structure, and material photography and document writing work meet your requirements.

Finally, we will provide you with a detailed budget report based on all the services we provide, if your budget is exceeded, please make reductions in this budget clarification.

Of course, even if you currently have a very simple website, as long as there is a simple existence, we are very willing to provide services for you. We will create a simple and clear official website for you.

We will create a beautiful and concise single-page website for you, allowing users to obtain basic service items and contact methods in it. Our philosophy is not to make useless websites, even if there is only one page, we hope it is useful.

Also, even if it is a simple website, it is necessary to consider the overall structure of the website at the beginning of the design, and retain the current pages when restructuring the website in the future, in order to avoid the negative impact of SEO due to the dislike of search engines for large-scale website movements, and the original website. On the basis of progress is a good choice.

Before signing a contract, you can expect the following content:

  • Pricing: We will provide you with detailed pricing, clarifying all costs associated with website design and development.
  • Design proposal: We will provide a preliminary design proposal for you to understand our design direction and ideas.

Prior to conducting in-depth work, we will proceed cautiously. In many cases, we still do not fully understand your business, so we need to understand information about your company, business and products or services. Your history, model, location, company value and other key information are very important to our understanding of your business. We want to know your current position and your future development direction.

The time is determined by the scale of the website project

  • A simple and exquisite single-page official website only takes 3-5 days.
  • A small-scale website, with 5 independent style pages, takes about 15 days.
  • A medium-scale website, with 10 independent style pages, takes about 30 days.
  • A website with independent functions, requires about 5 days.

(This is a contractual time frame and does not include the pre-contract communication and preparatory work.)

To better understand your business and requirements, please prepare the following materials:

  • Company information: Your company name, registration address, contact information and other basic information.
  • Business information: Detailed description of your products or services provided, including features, advantages, pricing information.
  • Brand information: Your brand logo, logo usage specifications, brand colors, font styles, etc.
  • Content materials: The content, pictures, videos and other materials you want to display on the website.

Of course, these materials are not mandatory, and we will help you prepare materials after the initial communication. We want to know your current position and your desired direction for future development.

Of course, it's possible.

Except for part of the page titles on the website, almost all of the content can be managed on the back end, including:

  • Website information
  • Text content
  • Image materials
  • Video materials
  • PDF, ZIP files

Let's ignite your digital journey, Together!

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