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We are a software development company based in Osaka, specializing in developing software using the ABP framework. We embrace as our own the open-source projects Dignite ABP and Dignite CMS, demonstrating our strong capabilities in customizing ABP applications and modules.

Within our team, ABP framework is our canvas, technology is our palette, and your requirements are our creative springs. Therefore, in our eyes, software development is not just a process of coding and testing, but an exploration, refinement, and realization journey shared with you.


We hold your hand and shoulder, software development is your next goal!

What software do we develop?

  • ABP Applications
  • Shopify Applications
  • NopCommerce Customizations
  • Web Applications

More than meeting current requirements, designing visionary software

When we discuss building visionary software, we're actually considering a far-reaching vision. Designing this software not only meets current needs but is more importantly capable of foreseeing future development directions and leaving enough space and vitality in the design and development process to accommodate future changes and expansions.

This means we not only want to meet your current needs, but also prepare for your software's future requirements, ensuring software investment can continue to be productive, regardless of business changes.

More than meeting current requirements, designing visionary software

Achieving software goals through iterative versioning and agile development.

Continuous iteration and upgrading of software versions are key steps in realizing our vision of "building predictive software."

We excel at breaking down complex functional requirements into small modules and devising detailed development plans to implement them incrementally across different versions.

This phased, planned development approach not only helps mitigate development risks but also ensures timely delivery of each version, continuously enhancing software functionality and delivering sustained business value.

 Achieving software goals through iterative versioning and agile development.

Module design, enhance code reusability, and extend system scalability

Module development is like assembling blocks, dividing the software system into small pieces, each responsible for a specific function.

This approach helps improve software quality and consistency, while also making the development process more efficient. If new features need to be added or issues fixed, only the corresponding modules need adjustment, without affecting other parts. This is similar to repairing a car, only replacing the problematic component without overhauling the entire vehicle.

This way, software can respond more quickly to user needs and is easier to maintain and upgrade.

Module design, enhance code reusability, and extend system scalability

More Software Development services

ABP Application Development

Abp is a versatile .NET development framework that provides strong support for building modern and extensible applications. Rich modularization features, comprehensive development tools, and extensive documentation enable developers to efficiently create high-quality applications.

Shopify Application Development

From developing inventory management applications to CRM applications, all are aimed at improving product sales conversion rate services. We spare no effort to ensure that we provide high-quality services for you.

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NopCommerce Function Development

From custom theme development, plugin development, to integration with other systems, all are tailored to meet your specific needs.

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Web Application Development

Whether you need a simple product management module in your website or a knowledge base for user, we at Dignite CMS can meet these needs in a cost-effective manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

A comprehensive software development project may require specialized expertise that you may need to add to your team, along with all relevant management costs.

Outsourcing software development will significantly reduce your research and development costs. So, why bother with outsourcing to us?

Our principle is to collaborate with clients who share the same vision. Software development is a long-term work. We jointly formulate version objectives, step by step to carry out development, and reduce financial pressure.

If you are looking for strategic business cooperation, we will share our expertise and provide support in software development and operation.

Of course, you can access all source code. This is your product, you have the copyright.

You invest, we work, this is a fair deal.

We understand that, during the software development process, you need to share a large amount of business information, these information will be sensitive and confidential.

Dignite strictly adheres to confidentiality agreements and NDAs, and signs with clients before starting work. In addition, we have implemented a series of security agreements to ensure data security.

Each software project has its own unique requirements and complexities, which affect the project timeline.

Before starting the project, we will conduct a comprehensive analysis of the requirements and jointly determine the development schedule based on your needs.

Each customized software project requires different functions, technical research and development investment, and development team collaboration. Based on the determined requirements documentation and specifications, we conduct evaluation and estimation for the entire project, finally providing a price list.

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