Liberating you from website maintenance and e-commerce product uploads, so you can focus on essential business matters as much as you want

Regular updates to website content are crucial for improving SEO and maintaining website vitality, keeping users engaged as continued readers.

You can delegate daily tasks such as website content management, blog updates, and e-commerce product uploads to our Dignite 360 Support team, allowing you to easily enjoy a cup of coffee during leisure time, or concentrate more on critical tasks in your business.


Dignite 360 Support Aim to Lighten Your Technical Burden

The daily work of Dignite 360 Support:

  • Server maintenance
  • Website plugin technology updates
  • Writing and publishing blogs
  • Electronic picture repair
  • Electronic product shelving
  • Video editing

Official Website Operation and Maintenance

Continuous updates and optimizations of website content ensure the good condition of your website, attracting more visitors and improving search engine rankings.

  • Writing and updating website content to ensure information timeliness.
  • Repairing errors to ensure smooth user experience.
  • Optimizing website loading speed to improve search engine rankings.
  • Upgrading and updating technology, framework, and plugins.
Official Website Operation and Maintenance

Electronic Product Shelving

The product page crafted with precision can attract users' attention, not only keeping them longer but also intending to transform browsing into purchase.

In the support of Dignite 360 team, from product photography to image repair, and then to document writing, every detail is carefully polished, making your product page shine and appealing.

  • Professional photographer for product photography
  • Post-processing of images to adjust brightness, clarity, and color
  • Writing product descriptions with storytelling, conveying product advantages and value
  • Launching and promoting product shelving sales
Electronic Product Shelving

Video Post-production Service

In the era of digital media, video has become an essential tool for attracting users' attention. Videos can better evoke the curiosity and enthusiasm of the audience than ordinary text and images.

Dignite 360 Support team provides professional video post-production services for you, announcing posters, product display videos, social media advertisements, and other video content. We can provide comprehensive post-production services for you.

  • Implement seamless scene transitions, making the interface smooth.
  • Apply color correction and grading, clarity, and color saturation adjustments to images.
  • Utilize noise reduction, audio equalization, and other techniques to improve audio quality.
  • Add dynamic visual elements to describe impactful events.
  • Integrate text overlays, subtitles, and graphics to reinforce key information and branding.
Video Post-production Service

More Dignite 360 Support services

Photography Services

Our specialized photography and videography studio collaborates with you to capture scenes and product stills, and processes images for post-production.


Through concise language, we strive to build brand credibility and atmosphere, connecting genuinely and closely with users.

Server Maintenance

Our server maintenance services include security vulnerability fixes, backups and data recovery, and response to network attacks.

Price Plan of Dignite 360 Support

Official Website Maintenance Service


Includes daily updates to the official website content, as well as SEO and website maintenance tasks.

  • Blog writing and publishing
  • Updating website content as per requests
  • Website bug fixing
  • Regular SEO work
  • Website plugin updates

New Product Release Upload


Based on existing product materials, processing and review before releasing to the e-commerce system.

  • Image compression and resizing
  • Product SKU information release
  • Product information processing

New Product Planning and Release


Discovering product features and selling points, drafting product documentation pages, and releasing to the e-commerce system.

  • Product documentation writing
  • Product static photography
  • Product scene photography
  • Product documentation page design
  • Image correction and compression
  • Product SKU information release
  • Product information processing

Video Initial Editing


Providing a completed initial version of video editing, serving as the foundation for future post-production.

  • Collecting, selecting video materials
  • Removing unused segments, adjusting sequence
  • Adding transition effects
  • Adjusting and editing audio in videos
  • Basic color correction
  • Adding subtitles to videos
  • Exporting and outputting

Video Post-Production


Video post-production work involves further processing and optimization of captured materials.

  • Editing and combining video materials
  • Adding transition effects
  • Adjusting colors and lighting effects in videos
  • Processing and editing audio in videos
  • Adding subtitles and logos
  • Adding effects, animations, and visual effects
  • Choosing suitable music and sound effects
  • Outputting the video

Frequently Asked Questions

Regular maintenance ensures the security, stability, and performance of the website, while also maintaining the effectiveness of the content and improving user experience and search engine rankings.

To smoothly list a product, you need to provide the following product information: product name, description, price, specifications, color, size, inventory quantity, brand information, SKU code, classification information, and more.

If you already have a promotion plan prepared, please provide it. We will list the products based on your plan.

If there is no prepared promotion plan, our team will handle product promotion plans and packaging services, including tasks such as product photography and copywriting, to ensure that your products gain more attention when listed.

The time required for video post-production depends on the length of the video, complexity, and required effects. Typically, it takes from several days to weeks and involves precise design and multiple reviews to ensure production quality and effectiveness.

You should provide clear and high-quality raw materials, including filmed video clips, audio files, image materials, etc. The higher the quality of the raw materials, the more efficient and higher quality the post-production will be.

Video post-production typically includes stages such as material import, editing, effects processing, audio processing, subtitle addition, output, and more. The entire process involves careful design and multiple reviews to ensure it matches the final desired effect.

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